Beverly O'Brien

…"the system has made me a better caregiver." Beverly O'Brien
Trophy Club, Texas

Beverly is a primary caregiver for her mother who is 89 years old and has Alzheimer's. The two formed one of the first AttentiveCare pilot accounts. Beverly used AttentiveCare to support her mother when she lived in an independent living facility and then an assisted living center which were both located 25 minutes from her own home. AttentiveCare was an integral component in Beverly's intervention strategy for over two years beginning in April 2004.

"The staff at the assisted living center told us that my mother seems happier and not as depressed since we have been giving her reminders through the AttentiveCare system." Linda Arms
Oklahoma City, OK

Linda is a primary caregiver for her mother who lives in an assisted living center in Oklahoma City. Linda has been using AttentiveCare since December 2005.

"Before we learned about AttentiveCare, I was traveling between California and Arkansas every three weeks because some of the reports I received concerning my father's condition were vague and inconclusive. Now that we use AttentiveCare to stay in touch, I can assess his condition myself anytime I want without leaving home—I'm not as busy or anxious as I used to be." read more » Kai Rippy Habalow
Los Angeles, California

Kai is a primary caregiver for her father who is 96 years old and lives in an independent living center in Arkansas. Together, they have been using AttentiveCare to stay connected—despite being more than 1500 miles apart—since April 2006.

"The system gave my mother something to look forward to every day… a visit (albeit electronic) from one of her three boys. I would call and have coffee with her almost every morning. It got her day started off right—mine too. The system enabled us to keep her independent and on the farm for 2 ½ years, which is where she wanted to be and where she was happiest." Ken Nixon
President, Caregiver Technologies

Ken was a primary caregiver for his mother who had Alzheimer's and lived alone on the family farm in Lavaca, Arkansas. Her three sons, all primary caregivers, lived 3 to 5 hours away.